About Watersol™

Watersol™ (IS 16154:2014) also known as PVA film is made of poly vinyl alcohol that starts disintegrating the moment it comes in contact with water. This single product has numerous applications and it can be customized according to the desired outcomes of each of the products. State-of-the-art casting machines using our own patented technologies make the film with excellent consistency, meeting the toughest requirements.

Watersol™ Film facilitates optimal dose packaging of cosmetics, agrochemicals, biocides, detergents, personal hygiene products, specialty chemicals, specialty cleaners, food products, powdered antibiotics, and water treatment products. It is also used in interlining applications such as embroidery, mould release and water transfer printing.

Watersol™ Film has different properties that make it suitable to be used for different applications. It is light in weight, colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-polluting. It is anti-static and does not absorb dust while packing powdery products. Watersol™ Film is an accurate dosing system while making sure there is no leakage, no recycling problems and no shipping issues.

Its thickness ranges from 25 to 100 GSM.

Watersol™ is the trademark product of Arrow Greentech Limited.