Packaging Film

Watersol™ Film (WSF), also known as PVA film, is a packaging material that is safe for the environment and fully biodegradable when disposed of in water or in waste. Watersol™ Films have the optimum tensile strength and flexibility to be used with multiple forms of packaging material. Watersol™ Film is an eco friendly innovation that helps the consumer with precise dosing of products and safe handling/storage of toxic/hazardous products. Watersol™ Film is used for packaging of agrochemicals, dyes, cements, food additives, fish bait, seeds, soiled clothes, toilet blocks, powder and liquid detergents etc. This unique product can revolutionize the future of the packaging industry.

  • Agro Chemical Film
  • Cement/Dye/Enzyme Film
  • Liquid Detergents
  • Fish Bait Film
  • Seed Tape
  • Laundry Bags
  • Toilet Blocks
  • Powder Detergents
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Embroidery Film

Watersol™ has controlled tensile strength, enabling the needle to penetrate, puncture and come out faster. The film has embroidery topping and backing application that tears like paper, saving time as excess film after embroidery can be torn off easily. The remaining film can be dissolved, with either water spray or dampening with warm sponge. Other non-wash solutions such as paper leave fibers and contain formaldehyde. Embossed Watersol™ Film is specifically designed for clients engaged in embroidery business. It brings a number of added features to the embroidery process. Useful for stretchy and thin flimsy fabric among others, these help to avoid puckering and slipping of the fabric and make it more stable. Thus, not only the stitch count is reduced but also, the quality of stitches is improved. Watersol™ Film is dissolved in cold water or it can be torn away from the fabric at the end. All in all the utility cost is reduced and at the same time, better quality embroidery is achieved.

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Soap Film

Watersol™ Soap Strips, ‘Arrow Magic Strips’ are a boon for travellers for maintaining hygiene while on the move. These Watersol™ strips, which are available in safe packs, can be used for washing of hands, and are notches above the normal soap films made from paper as these do not leave any residue on the hands after the wash. This magic product is made from our patented technology using active embedded in the Watersol™ Film to kill germs, while also leaving behind a perfumed fragrance.

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Mould Release Film

As Watersol™ is separated easily from hydrophobic plastic and released easily from various organic materials that have a little polarity. Watersol™ Film has been found to act as mould release film for the unsaturated polyester epoxy resin or other thermosetting resin. Watersol™ Film forms a barrier between parts and mold surfaces that are still curing. Watersol™ Film is resistant to solvents and yet is water-soluble.

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Water Transfer Printing Film

This unique technology offers quality decoration of a wide range of products, whether made from plastic, wood, ceramic, metal or composite materials. Any three-dimensional objects can be printed, ranging from small switches to as large an object as a car. Water Transfer printing is a decoration technology that uses a specialized Watersol™ Film that is printed with a range of natural and abstract patterns to decorate complex-shaped plastics, metals and other materials. The specialized film is floated on the water's surface and the pattern is transferred by the use of activator on the three dimensional object used for printing.

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