Packaging Film

Watersol™ Film (WSF), also known as PVA film, is a packaging material that is safe for the environment and fully biodegradable when disposed of in water or in waste. Watersol™ Films have the optimum tensile strength and flexibility to be used with multiple forms of packaging material. Watersol™ Film is an eco friendly innovation that helps the consumer with precise dosing of products and safe handling/storage of toxic/hazardous products. Watersol™ Film is used for packaging of agrochemicals, dyes, cements, food additives, fish bait, seeds, soiled clothes, toilet blocks, powder and liquid detergents etc. This unique product can revolutionize the future of the packaging industry.

Agro Chemical Film

Chemicals used in agriculture are usually highly toxic, cause severe pollution and endanger our health. Therefore, people have been paying more attention to the materials of agricultural packaging. Although being used for a long time, chemicals of regular agricultural packaging have three main disadvantages. Firstly, liquid agriculture chemical is packed in glass bottles which are easily breakable, and cause leakage of toxic chemical. Secondly, a lot of leftover in packaging produces a large amount of chemical waste. Thirdly, if the agricultural chemical packaging with leftover were to be discarded in rivers, rivulets, farms or terra, etc. it would pollute the soil and water, which would be hazardous to the environment in the long term. Active agrochemical ingredients embedded in Watersol® inhibit dermal and ocular exposure of the farmers/users to the harmful chemicals and ensure that the plants receive the right quantity of agrochemical required for its protection against disease and growth.

Cement/Dye/Enzyme Film

Cement additives/dyes/enzymes are alkali, acidic and neutral in nature. Commonly used outdoors, cement additives, if not controlled, can easily cause injury to the operators' eyes and skin. Operators protect themselves by using a variety of protective clothing and accessories to avoid personal harm. In recent times, there has been an increase in the use of Watersol™ Films in the packaging of dyes, cement additives and enzyme in order to minimize pollution and to provide a consistent dose during the manufacturing process of the product. By using Watersol™ Film, the mixing operations have become simple and the additive measures are more exact.

Liquid Detergents

This application hinges on the principle of using Watersol™ Film packaging to deliver unit dosage amounts of liquid detergent products. Active concentrate of liquid detergent ingredients is packaged in Watersol™ Films. Our Watersol™ Film is formulated in a manner, which makes it compatible with the liquid detergent for purposes of packaging, shipping, storage and usage.

We are proud to have manufactured various different grades of liquid detergent packaging film, which are proven to be compatible with various different detergent compositions.

Fish Bait Film

WSF (Watersol™ Film) Bags are used for encapsulating the entire terminal tackle with dry feed such as pellet and crushed boilies. High quality WSF bags are immensely popular as they combine strength and a high melt rate with the ability to 'lick and stick' the corners to make the finished WSF parcels more aerodynamic for casting. By using WSF bag to pack baits and hooks for deep-water fishing, interference by fishes is avoided in shallow-water areas and therefore attracts larger fishes in deep water fishing.

Seed Tape

Seeds can also be encased equidistantly in strips, sheets or matrix form using hydrophilic Watersol™ Film(s) or their composites for delivering seeds into the body of soil. This product of delivering seeds prevents the seeds to fall astray or minimize the wastage of seeds lying in shaded or non-germination areas. This helps in making optimal utilization of total area of the body of soil/and optimization of seeds.

The application of Watersol™ Film for the purpose of embedding or encasing of seeds enhances the speed of germination over other existing seed delivery system. Watersol™ seed packing ensures precision seed planting with less effort and less waste of seeds. Normal watering dissolves the water soluble film and ensures a uniform depth and line. Seeds planted using this method prevent the seeds from being blown away by wind, eaten by animals and keep the moisture intact in the soil. This method can also be used in addition with hygroscopic materials available in the market to ensure that the germination percentage of seeds per farm improves during drought or a less rainfall season.

Laundry Bags

Watersol™ Film laundry bags are used in hospitals to minimize the contact hospital workers have with contaminated clothing and bedding. Dirty items are put into these special bags, which are then placed directly into the washing machine. Because Watersol™ Film is soluble in water, the bags dissolve and are washed down the drain with the dirty water. At the completion of the washing cycle, the clean clothes are removed from the washing machine.

Toilet Blocks

The cast Watersol™ Film can be used to pack all toilet blocks which helps in storing the toilet cleaning detergents safely in hospitals, hotels and in individual homes thereby ensuring that all toilets remain germ-free and smell clean. Our products come with neutral or fragrant medication embedded within the film that can be custom made. As per lab studies, the embedded medication in our film is effective against germs, bacteria, virus and fungi which makes Arrow Medical Watersol™ Films an absolute essential in the hygiene industry.

Powdered Detergents

Watersol™ Film for powdered detergent pouches usually contains powdered ingredients that effectively dissolve in water. Some products in the market hold concentrated, powdered detergent in one compartment and grease cutter in the other, providing consumers with one product that does the work of multiple products and the convenience of a single unit-dose packet. Our Watersol™ Film is manufactured with the highest quality standards, this helps in avoiding pinholes while packaging powdered detergents.